Trust is good – control is better – Glass Level Controllers


Glass production demands the precise control of the glass level. For this, we offer two variants for observing with maximum accuracy a specified glass level , as well as with mechanical and optical measurements:

Mechanical glass level controller

The glass level controller is available in two versions: As BZ 23 S/H with water-cooled electrode for being installed directly at the furnace for scanning through the side wall or as BZ 23 S/V with ceramic electrode for being installed at the feeder for scanning trough the feeder.

Benefits of mechanical glass level measurement

  • Fully digital processing of measured values
  • Parameterization of the controller in dialogue via control unit or web interface
  • Text display of the controller status
  • Integrated proportional regulator useable for feeding control. Optional bus connection to higher-level control possible
  • The operation and display part as well as the line recorder can be installed in a control cabinet located in the furnace control room (independently from the controller)
  • Reliable mechanical equipment, low maintenance
Mechanical Glass Batch Controlling

Optical glass level controller

A halogen light source (projector) sends a light beam onto the glass surface in the melting furnace where this beam will be reflected, collected by a receiver and evaluated in an electronic unit.

Alterations of glass level height will cause parallel displacement of the reflected light beam, which can be used as evaluation signals.

Benefits of optical glass level measurement:

  • No operational license required as necessary for radiometric glass level controlling
  • No mechanical wear, because touchless measuring system
  • Water cooling is not necessary
  • Easy installation, also for refurbishing
  • No point measurement, but an area measurement across approx. 30 cm2 in order to relativize uneven surface
  • Wide light spectrum – independent from glass colours
Optical Glass Batch Controlling