For interruption-free operation

Plant check

We also work side-by-side with you following operational startup. This way problems can be detected before they occur. For this we offer for example a detailed ZIPPE plant check in which we propose corresponding actions that assist you in optimising your maintenance routines. The service life of your plant can be prolonged further still as a result.

In addition to an electrical plant check, we also offer an automation plant check in which various system and software parameters are checked.

Training of your employees

Nothing can replace first-hand information. This is the reason we pass on our knowledge and experience to you in intensive training sessions. This is the way to learn how to operate your new system perfectly and so prevent operator mistakes.


If so requested, we subject your current system to a detailed audit and develop suggestions for improvement. You can optimise important key parameters such as replenishment times and cycle times for example.

For this purpose, we offer technical and operational audits - into which we channel all of our expertise. Ask us!

24 hour hotline + teleservice

Faults must be eliminated from the daily production process. When faults occur however, our service specialists ensure speedy, targeted problem analysis and then immediately take the actions necessary. Customers are able to use the ZIPPE 24-hour hotline and our teleservice. This way we are able to guarantee availability and standby service at all times – across the globe.

Spare parts

We continually keep available for you original mechanical and electrical spare parts and deliver them across the globe at short notice as required.