Engineering – expertise from which you can benefit

Tailored specially to your very own needs

Whether you come to us with very specific technical specifications, or tell us what glass you want to manufacture at which tonnage, we listen very carefully to what you need and put forward a proposal for best possible realisation of your project.

The general conditions for construction of a plant, such as basic material availability and climatic conditions, vary across the globe. These and many other factors must be taken into account in planning. With over 550 batch plant projects realised, we have the greatest wealth of experience in the industry. This gives you the assurance of knowing you take delivery of a powerful and well-engineered system that meets all your expectations.

Precision from the very outset

We deploy the very latest in technology as early as the planning phase for your batch system. Our 3D design is state of the art and the prerequisite for efficient and precise planning. It facilitates smooth processes on site and is a prerequisite for adhering to deadlines.

Our task is not complete until you are satisfied.

Our engineering services are rendered solely by specialists having the greatest wealth of experience. No matter whether the system bears the “Made by ZIPPE” label or not, or whether it is a new construction or a complex conversion of your installations, our experts are there for you.

Our services comprise basic engineering, drawing up of documents for building permits, generation of tender documents, detailed engineering, steel construction engineering, budgeting & scheduling, etc.

We would be pleased to put together a tailored-made quotation for you too.