Training at ZIPPE


Training at ZIPPE


Training at ZIPPE

The star pupils train at Zippe


Apprenticeship: Three apprentices from the Wertheim-based company among the Chamber of Trades winners

A few tough weeks lie behind them. Their task was to complete a journeyman's piece, prove their technical know-how and take their written examinations. Now the three successful apprentices of Zippe Industrieanlagen GmbH can enjoy the well-earned fruit of their labours. Head of Electronic Technician Training, Andrea Hörnig, is delighted that her trainees took two first places and a third place among the Chamber’s winners. In the past 20 years, Zippe’s electrical department has had a total of 19 apprentices whose examination results placed them among the top three at the Chamber of Trades. Among the electronic technicians for industrial engineering, Simon Hergenhan had the best results in the Chamber's area with a grade average of 1.3. The successful apprentice is now back at school and attending the one-year Vocational College in Tauberbischofsheim with the aim of obtaining the Advanced Technical Certificate, as Hergenhan reports. With the intention of studying Electronic Engineeering at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, the 22-year-old knows exactly where he is heading in his professional career.

Wide-ranging training

His path has been mapped out since his early childhood, he reports with a smile: “A friend of my father’s guessed very early on that I would be an electrician.” He was right indeed, and the young man has not regretted it for a moment: “The training is very wide-ranging and you have to know your way around all areas of electronic engineering,” he says. After all, in addition to the installation, maintenance and repair of systems for measurement and control technology, the apprenticeship also includes the programming of what are known as PLCs (programmable logic control). And this is what appealed particularly to Hergenhan and where he sees himself after his studies. The same apprenticeship was also successfully completed by 20-year-old Markus Göbel who took third place among the Chamber winners with a grade average of 1.6.

Possibly working away from home

While the two previous winners had to train for three and a half years, Alexander Pavlov successfully completed his apprenticeship in two years With a grade average of 1.9, the industrial electrician was best in his trade in the area of the Heilbronn-Franconia Chamber of Trades. “We install electrical systems and plant, commission them and maintain them,” is how the 20-year old describes his work. In addition to working in the plant, he can also well imagine working on jobs away from home, says Pavlov. After all, his employer supplies and installs plant to leading manufacturers in the glass industry all over the world.

The success of their apprentices is extremely important to the company, says Hörnig. The Head of Training wishes that more school-leavers with good results in their Certificates of Secondary Education were attracted to an apprenticeship as electronic technicians for industrial engineering. A total of nine apprentices in the professions industrial clerk, technical product designer, electronic technician for industrial engineering and precision machinist started their working lives with Zippe at the beginning of September. At present the company employs around 200 staff, 26 of them apprentices. (Peter Riffenach)