Training at ZIPPE


Training at ZIPPE


Training at ZIPPE

Apprenticeship begin at ZIPPE Industrieanlagen GmbH


Recently, five young school graduates started their apprenticeship at the family-run company in Bestenheid. Ms. Johanna Dümig from Hasloch will undergo a training as an industrial business assistant in the commercial department.

Mr. Tom Sorger, Robin Schulze and Robin Götz pursue a career as precision mechanics for mechanical engineering in the mechanical production department and Mr. Luc Christopher Spachmann is absolving his apprenticeship as an electronics engineer for the operating technology in the control system department. The corresponding trainers as well as Mr. Volker Kalisch, one of the Managing Directors, welcomed their “mentees”, and wished them much joy and success for their career. Afterwards they received an introductory company tour. Ever since, ZIPPE has placed high emphasis on the education of young people. This is reflected in the high trainee quote and the number of trainee awards.

At ZIPPE, the first apprenticeship trainee positions for 2015 have already been assigned. However, those who are interested in a diversified and highly qualified job occupation and good future perspectives may apply any time.

Following, the names from left to right and their apprenticeship titles in brackets:

Florian Schmitt, Robin Götz (precision mechanic), Burkhard Hörnig (trainer), Tom Sorger (precision mechanic), Andrea Hörnig (trainer), Robin Schulze (precision mechanic), Anja Reichtomann (trainer), Luc Spachmann (electronics engineer for operating technology), Volker Kalisch (managing director), Johanna Dümig (industrial business assistant).