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ZIPPE builds new glass batch plant for float and container glass for TEPE Türkmen Insaat ve Ticaret A.S., Turkey, in Turkmenistan


Our valued customer, Horn Glass Industries in Plößberg, concluded the contract with the Turkish company TEPE Türkmen Insaat ve Ticaret A.S. for the delivery of a complete turn-key production plant for float glass as well as for container glass in Turkmenistan. For this project, we designed and built a new glass batch plant to supply a float glass furnace with a capacity of 250 to/d as well as a container glass furnace with a capacity of 50 to/d.

The equipment installation works were realized from December 2016 until October 2017. The commissioning of the container glass line took place in November 2017 and for the float line in December 2017. In November 2017, a delegation of the operator personnel from Turkmenistan visited us for an operating training of dosing and mixing plants equipment (see picture). The Glass Batch Plant is designed as a tower plant incl. 14 silos with a storage capacity of four days. The feeding of the raw material silos takes place mechanically by means of bucket elevators and big bags. The weighing process is carried out by 9 scales: fully electronic container scales for the main raw materials, and fully automatic rotary container scales for the small components and for cullet with dosing belt conveyors. For the mixing system, consisting of three mixers in total, each mixer is strictly assigned to the corresponding furnace. The third mixer functions as a standby mixer for both furnaces. In order to prevent contamination, “critical” raw materials are weighed directly into the corresponding mixer as a premix. The cullet storage is also located within the glass batch plant. The cullet feeding, crushing, storage and weighing for float and container glass takes place separately. Cullet weighing and feeding is executed by means of dosing weighers in a sandwich technique. Furthermore, the scope of delivery contains the hot and cold cullet recycling of the container glass furnace, consisting of down pipes, scraping conveyors, pre-crusher and belt conveyors. The cullet recycling scope of delivery for the float glass furnace contains a blade crusher, an edge crusher and belt conveyors.