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Zippe glass batch plant for float glass was successfully put into operation at KBI Thailand


Since the beginning of September, the renowned container glass manufacturer Bangkok Glass has extended its product scope and has successfully commissioned a float glass plant at Kabinburi.

In the past, ZIPPE already had the privilege to supply different container and cullet glass plants for Bangkok Glass. For this reason we are especially pleased that the float glass subsidiary KBI counts on the ZIPPE technology
for the areas batch recycling as well as cullet return.

At the beginning of September, the plant was commissioned according to schedule without complications. The plant is designed for a daily capacity of 600 tons per day. Weighing of raw materials is effected by seven container scales. Two high performance pan mixers with 3000 liters are implemented
as mixers which guarantee ideal batch homogeneity.

Cullet addition is effected continuously after the mixing process by three belt scales to enable an ideal batch/cullet sandwich. On the transport way to the furnace pre-silo, there are different permanent magnets as well as metal detectors installed to avoid metal impurities in the melting furnace.

Cullet which is transported to the cold end will be conveyed directly back into the batch house. On this transport way, two hammer crushers are installed in order to convert cullet into an ideal grain size for the direct re-melting.

Company Zippe wishes KBI a successful production with this new and modern float plant.

Heiko Brand / Projectmanager
Zippe Industrieanlagen