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The Future of Batch Plant Technology – since 1920


On June 5th 1920, the master craftsman and marine engineer, Alfred Zippe married his wife Maria and on the same day, founded an enterprise in Haida/Novy Bor, Bohemia. Together with his wife, a certified accountant, they worked for the Bohemian crystal glass industry. Success and growth soon followed.

After 1945 the company was re-established in a small garage in Wertheim in what was then West Germany. Alfred’s son, Alfred “Fred” Zippe junior, a brilliant mechanical engineer joined his father.

By no means less of a visionary than his father, Fred Zippe designed, built and installed the first batch charger for a glass factory in Germany in 1952. He had bought a used car and throughout the 50s, visited a multitude of glass factories building his customer base and learning, learning, learning.

He saw that the future lay in automatic batch chargers and, together with his rapidly growing team of 40 colleagues, designed and built the first automatic batch plant for a German container glass factory in 1960. Following this revolutionary idea the next leap forward was on the cards and as early as 1963, ZIPPE delivered and installed the first batch plant in Nigeria, Africa.

To date, ZIPPE has designed and constructed more than 1400 batch chargers of all types to the international glass industry, proving that 100 years of success is only due to 100 years of forward thinking. 

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