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Order for a significant outstanding crystal glass manufactory in the luxury sector.


Zippe has the honour of delivering a glass batch plant for high-quality crystal glass for a customer with a significant history.

The manufactory Cristalleries de Saint-Louis produces unique ornate and elaborately decorated crystal glass, mainly for the luxury sector.

Mouth-blown crystal glass is polished, engraved and decorated with 24 carat gold or platinum.

Saint-Louis is a factory which understands to combine tradition and innovation and which produces modern designs next to classical series as well.

The ZIPPE scope of supply contents: A new glass batch plant for crystal glass with a performance of 7 to in 5 hours with manual silo charging, three container scales and a mixer as well as the transfer to manual transport containers in which internal cullet can be discharged as well. Two crushing plants are placed next to the glass batch plant, one is for pre-crushing large crystal glass and the other one for crushing the necessary grain size.

ZIPPE delivers and installs the complete mechanical equipment including the electrical controls. The steel work and silos are provided by the customer.

Commissioning is planned for the end of October 2019.