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New Cullet Plant for Wiegand Glas in Steinbach, Germany, in operation


Company Wiegand Glas – one of the biggest container glass producers in Germany – operates three most modern Container Glass plants. For their main factory in Steinbach am Wald Messrs. ZIPPE gained the order for a new cullet plant beginning 2014.

Function of this unique cullet plant is the storage of factory cullet and special glass as well as its following continuous addition to the melting process. The cullet is crushed to the required grain size by means of hammer crushers and is stored in 9 different steel silos. The silos are weighed in order to reach precise balancing of the cullet stock.

From there these cullet are fed continuously to the cullet transport system of the implant recycling facility for foreign cullet. The addition of the stored cullet for the corresponding furnaces takes place by means of 17 belt weighers. Very slow conveying speeds are possible as conveyor belts and belt weighers are spaciously dimensioned. This in turn reduces dust generation. Occurring residual dusts are collected by pocket filters and supplied to the process again.

Meanwhile in Steinbach all four melting furnaces are fed from this new cullet plant. The connection to the furnaces to this new system worked without problems.

The electric control of this plant is based on the process control system Freelance from company ABB. The integrated control system of the cullet plant is multi-functionally for the complete process control system

Messrs. ZIPPE executed this order on a turnkey basis. The scope of delivery comprised the complete steel work, erection, tubing, cabling as well as the commissioning of the plant.

Especially the steel work for this construction project was a great challenge, as the glass production with the four melting furnaces was not be jeopardized. Therefore, important heavy transport and lifting work, e.g. integration of the belt bridge, were realized on weekends. Furthermore, various existing buildings had to be integrated into this plant concept.

The plant was put into operation on schedule mid of September 2015. Production is running trouble-free. The extremely good quality of the cullet has a positive effect on the quality of the bottles to be produced.

Company Wiegand Glas is very satisfied with the performance of this new plant. Messrs. ZIPPE wishes Messrs. Wiegand Glas continuing good production output with this new, modern plant.

Heiko Brand / Project Manager

Zippe Industrieanlagen GmbH