The latest news and innovations From Zippe

Insights into the daily work at ZIPPE under “Corona conditions”.


In times of the COVID-19 crisis, we are breaking new ground with the installation and commissioning of your plants. All processes are still accompanied by our experienced supervisors. We are on site in countries without travel restrictions, in unsafe areas or in countries with travel restrictions, we also offer the corresponding online support and accompany our customers via video analysis and remote access.The online team consists of a mechanical supervisor, an electrician and a software engineer. Like that, it will be guaranteed that the customer is guided and instructed along with every step of the installation and commissioning. Taking into account the time shift, online appointments are arranged in order to instruct the workers on site step by step and to support them actively. Also the training of the machine operators at the end is realized via video chat.

For our customer, company Schott Glass India, we have now successfully commissioned the batch plant extension with two additional sand silos, which was already supplied last year, via remote access.Here, the sand feeding was integrated in terms of mechanics and technical control via a conveying screw, elevator, conveyor chute and belt conveyor. In the batch plant, a new sand scale with two components and a conveyor belt with filtering equipment was installed in a very confined space, tested step by step and put into operation successfully.

ZIPPE has now put several plants into operation via remote access.


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