Modern Greenfield Glass Factory for Vetropack

There, a new modern glass factory will be erected, which will replace the existing plant in Trezzano in 2023. The Vetropack group is part of the leading producers of packaging glass for the beverage and food industry in Europe.

Our batch plant is designed for the supply of two melting furnaces. The raw material weighing is realized by seven scales. As mixing technology three high duty pan mixers are used. The cullet addition is realized after the mixing procedure by means of nine dosing belt scales.

Furthermore, two cullet return systems are included in the scope of supply. They are equipped with our proven scraping and crushing technology.

The project is conducted on a turnkey basis. The scope of supply comprises the steel and silo construction, the equipment, and the control system. We are also responsible for the local services, such as installation, piping, cabling, commissioning as well as training of the customer’s personnel.

The installation work will begin early in the year 2022. Production start of the new plant in Boffalora is planned for 2023.