Long Live Glass

The UN has proclaimed 2022 the International Year of Glass (IYOG)! A reason to celebrate and to make this transparent raw material visible and perceptible. As glass, often unnoticed, is behind many uses and without it our modern society would not be the same. Through the IYOG, glass as a raw material and starting point for diverse products and applications will be the center of interest and thereby will be looked at behind the scenes: Where is glass contained? How is it produced? How is it further processed to everyday and non-everyday products? Which technologies are used here? How do products made of and with glass influence our lives? We will make the connection of this centuries old tradition to the here and now up to the future. Also glass in the artistic sense will be in the focus. Glass not only inspires artists around the world with its beauty and transformability, but also many museums which possess impressive glass objects. Zippe contributes to the production of this diverse raw material as well.