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In excess of 650 ZIPPE batch systems installed worldwide

ZIPPE. The future of batch plant technology - today.

From the delivery of raw materials to the batch charger - everything from a single source

We know our way around handling raw materials and cullet for the glass industry. The planning and construction of state-of-the-art batch and cullet systems therefore represent our core business. Our particular expertise and all our passion lie herein. We are a company with more than 100 years of history. And as one of the pioneers in the industry, we were involved in key developments in the glass industry from the very outset. It is for good reason then that our name is being used in many countries as a synonym for different technologies in the batch and cullet processing sector: "It´s a ZIPPE".

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Modern Greenfield Glass Factory for Vetropack

We are pleased to announce that the Swiss Vetropack Group recently placed an order with us for a batch plant and two cullet return systems for the Boffalora project in the Milan region.

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Our partners and awards

ZIPPE Receives Noelle + Von Campe Order for Capacity Increase

We are pleased to have received the order for a large extension to increase the capacity of the existing batch house and a complete cullet return system from Noelle + von Campe Glashütte GmbH in Boffzen.

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Ongoing Innovations at Batch & Cullet Plant Specialist ZIPPE during Corona

For more than 100 years, the core business of our company has included the development and construction of high-performance batch and cullet plants. During the pandemic, however, we remained true to our future orientation and were able to initiate some promising innovations.

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ZIPPE commissioned new batch house for GUARDIAN CZESTOCHOWA, Poland

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