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Preheating of glass batch, cullet batch and other melting materials

ZIPPE glass batch preheating – Customised energy efficiency

The preheating of batch and cullet by means of furnace waste gases is the ideal way to save energy and costs during the glass production process. In traditional production processes still abt. 30 % of the total melting energy is lost in form of waste heat. This energy exhausts without beeing used into the atmosphere. Already in the eighties ZIPPE has successfully designed and installed batch preheating systems as pioneer. The systems use the waste gases of the melting furnace in order to bring the melting material to a high temperature level. This technology has been improved continuously in the past years. Today ZIPPE is considered as market leader in this area and can show a number of installed systems.

A unique feature of ZIPPE is that we are in a position to provide and implement the suitable system according to the customer's requirement and considering the batch composition (i.e. cullet content). Depending on the requirement the convenient heat transfer technology is applied.

The problems of prior systems, especially the high maintenance efforts due to batch clumping could have been resoveld. In the new patented systems, actually, there are no clumpings generated at all!

Furthermore the ZIPPE technology is distinguished by big heat transfer surfaces with small external dimensions, allowing high preheating temperatures and maximum efficiency. Plants in operation show considerable energy savings and highest reliability. ZIPPE is pleased to be in a position to provide its customers with this energy- and cost saving technology. Please contact us for details.

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