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ZIPPE – a successful family company

ZIPPE is an owner-managed company – with the 4th generation now in the company, we continue to be a partner for the international glass industry


2014 - Installation of the 20th Plant Wide Automation System


2012 - Construction of the 500th batch plant


2011 - Construction of the 60th float glass batch plant


2010 - ZIPPE Industrieanlagen GmbH celebrates its 90th anniversary


2009 - Inauguration of the new ZIPPE Technology Center


2007 - Commissioning of the new ZIPPE Logistics Center


2003 - Delivery of the 1000th charger


1995 - Inauguration of the new ZIPPE Electronic Center


1991 - Dr. Bernd-Holger Zippe accedes as the new executive director of company ZIPPE


1986 - Construction of the first batch/cullet preheater for the glass industry


1984 - Construction of the first batch plant for float glass


1965 - Construction of the first factory cullet processing plant for hot and cold glass waste


1960 - Construction of the first fully automatic batch plant for container glass


1953 - Development of the first batch charger for the glass industry


1951 - Renewed founding of the company in Wertheim, directed by the founder Alfred Zippe Senior and his son Alfred Zippe Junior together with his wife Edith


1920 - Founding of the company by Alfred Zippe Senior in Haida, Nordböhmen